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“AppeteasersUSA is SO much fun!! A great way to meet new people and especially to sample local restaurant cuisine! My boyfriend and I have been on a few and every time we discover new places to indulge at for dinners. Not only that, but we get to meet the owners of most places and get to hear a personal story associated with the establishment. The Appeteasers staff are very outgoing, fun and personable. I was very impressed at how they organize and operate the Appeteasers crawls. You certainly get $30 worth of fun and MORE! If we were to go and order appetizers at each place, we’d end up Spending $10/place or $60 for the day! This way it’s half the price AND you might try stuff you normally wouldn’t order! That’s the fun part!!

Overall, AppeteasersUSA is a great way to spend an afternoon, whether you have friends in town or you simply want to branch out and checkout new places to dine at.”