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About Old Sacramento

While John Sutter first arrived on the shore of present day Sacramento in 1839, the City of Sacramento wasn’t actually created until the Gold Rush of 1848.

Over a hundred years later in the mid-1960’s, the first historic district in the West was created when a plan to redevelop the historic area was put into action. Today Old Sacramento has 53 historic building and is registered as a California Historic Landmark. Going back to its roots as a commercial trade center, Old Sacramento is once again thriving as destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Old Sacramento Restaurant & Pub Crawl Venue Possibilities

   River City Saloon
It origninally was a earnly wooden frame building that was replaced with brick in 1857…Ask for a basket of peanuts and don’t be afraid to throw the shells on the floor.916 2nd Street Sacramento, CA 95814 | (916) 443-6852 |
  The Coconut Grove
“Great Food! Great Drinks! Great Times!”106 J Street Sacramento, CA 95814   | (916) 441-4222  |
  Fanny Ann’s Saloon
Serving up Old Sacramento’s finest burgers and coldest beer since 1972.1023 2nd Street Sacramento, CA 95814 | (916) 441-0505 |
Laughs Unlimited
Enjoy a live band at the finale of our events and feel free to return for professional comedy later that night or any other evening.1207 Front Street Sacramento, CA 95814 | (916) 446-8128 |

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  1. John C Dec 8, 2013 at 18:31

    Those are definitely good places for a pub crawl. Old Sac is a great destination for a drink!


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